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Basin of Mexico

Located in Central Mexico, the Basin of Mexico has a long history of urban settlement dating back at least to the Early Classic state of Teotihuacan. Many regional surveys and site specific archaeological excavations are providing a growing corpus of data documenting the formation and fragmentation of several great political states in Prehispanic times.

Teotihuacan Mapping Project

Epiclassic - Photos by Destiny Crider
Coyotlatleco & Stamped

Early Postclassic - Photos by Destiny Crider
Sloppy Red-on-natural
Mazapan Wavy Line
Cream Slip
Blanco Levantado

Teotihuacan Valley Survey Project

Chiconautla, Mexico

Aztec Elites and the Postclassic Economy: Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) of Museum Collections - by Christina M. Elson and Deborah L. Nichols, Report to FAMSI, Inc. and includes Early Postclassic

Cerro Portezuelo -- Go to the Cerro Portezuelo Project Page Here
Epiclassic INAA Samples
Early Postclassic INAA Samples
Classic and Epiclassic Cache Items
Early Postclassic and Postclassic Cache Items

Basin of Mexico Survey

Zumpango Regional Survey

Zumpango Survey - Type Collection - Early Postclassic

Ixtapalapa Regional Survey

Chalco Regional Survey


Mary Hodge Excavations at Mound 65 Chalco
Epiclassic - Photos by Destiny Crider
Basin of Mexico Survey at Chalco
O'Neill Excavations at Chalco


O'Neill Survey at Xico

Basin of Mexico Survey at Xico


Crider INAA Samples from Xaltocan ET Site - Epiclassic

Crider INAA Samples from Xaltocan - Early Aztec

Ceramics from Xaltocan Early Toltec (ET) Site - Photos by Destiny Crider (permission from Dr. Elizabeth Brumfiel)