Modified: Friday, April 11, 2008


The materials provided on these pages are made available by the generosity of archaeologists, project directors or museum curators. A list of contributors is provided here along with available contact information. If you have any desire to utlize these materials, please contact the appropriate contributor for permissions of use. These photos are not to be used in publication without explicit permission from the contributor. These reseources and photos are provided for reference only.

Listing of Contacts and Contributors

Dr. Destiny Crider - Arizona State University

Dr. George Cowgill - Arizona State University

Dr. Deborah L. Nichols - Dartmouth College

Dr. Jeffrey Parsons - University of Michigan

Dr. Geoffrey McCafferty - University of Calgary

Janet Montoya - Arizona State University

Dr. J. Heath Anderson - The Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Yoko Sugiura - UNAM

Dr. Dan Healan - Tulane University

Luis Gamboa Cabezas - INAH, Tula

Dr. Rene Millon - Teotihuacan Mapping Project

Dr. Wendy Teeter - UCLA Fowler Museum of Anthropology

Dr. Charles Spencer - American Museum of Natural History

Dr. Ben Nelson - Arizona State University

Dr. Michael E. Smith - Arizona State University

Dr. Christina Elson - Science Visualization

Sergio Suarez Cruz - INAH

Dr. Elizabeth Brumfiel - Northwestern University

Dr. William T. Sanders - The Pennsylvania State University