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Welcome to Dr. Destiny Crider's Central Mexico Pottery Portal
This site is intended to facilitate comparison of Epiclassic and Early Postclassic Central Mexican pottery complexes with neighboring regions.

This online resource was initially developed as part of the my dissertation study. My interest is in identifying the decorated pottery styles and types from across the central highlands and making detailed stylistic and technological comparisons across the region to identify interaction and shared pottery traditions. Publication of known pottery types tends to focus on the ideal or best examples. With this resource, I hope to exhibit the variability in quality, technique and range of decorative designs within and between decorated pottery typical from about A.D. 500-1100 in Central Mexico.

I encourage researchers to share your own artifacts and examples through this portal. I can provide link to YOUR online resources OR I can help to post your specimens through this page. Please contact me for more information. This resource is meant to build a collaborative environment among researchers and students.

Publication use of any photographs featured on this site is requires permissions of the project investigator and you must contact that individual directly.

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Many thanks to the Archaeological Research Institute of Arizona State University for the continued support and providing access to these online resources.

My Approach

Phase 1 - Provide a basic typology of Central Mexican pottery types, specifically focused upon the decorated and diagnostic types readily found in the Basin of Mexico.

Phase 2 - Encourage scholars to provide photos and type descriptions for specific archaeological projects for comparison.

Phase 3 - Facilitate inter-regional comparison and discussion of the spread of pottery complexes throughout Mesoamerica.

Project Showcase

Dr. Destiny Crider's (ASU and Luther College) ongoing research project is providing comparison of Epiclassic and Early Postclassic decorated pottery in the Eastern Basin of Mexico, Tula, and other neighboring areas. Included here are INAA samples selected for this project.

Dr. Elizabeth Brumfiel (Northwestern) provided a series of Polychrome and Aztec B/O specimens from the site of Xaltocan.

Cerro Portezuelo Project is a reanalysis of UCLA archaeological collections in order to evaluate the socio-political development of this southeastern Basin of Mexico site. The project is directed by Dr. George Cowgill (ASU) and Dr. Deborah Nichols (Dartmouth).  Ceramic analyis has been conducted by Dr. Destiny Crider (ASU and Luther College), Dr. Sarah Clayton (ASU and Univeresity Wisconsin Madison) and Dr. Christopher Garraty (ASU).

The Tepeaca Survey conducted by James Sheehy in the state of Puebla and includes pottery complexes spanning from at least the Early Classic through the Postclassic periods. Pottery complexes are here provided as part of the dissertation analysis of Dr. J. Heath Anderson (Penn State University and Univeristy of Minnesota Mankato).