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This web portal is designed, managed and maintained by Dr. Destiny Crider while conducting dissertation research at Arizona State University. The site is now hosted at Luther College with sections that continue to be maintained at the Archaeological Research Institute at Arizona State University.

This began in effort to build ceramic concordance tables between Central Mexican pottery types as part of my dissertation project. The tremendous support and interest of fellow researchers not only in the Basin of Mexico - but also in neighboring areas prompted my expansion of ceramic consideration to new areas outside my specific research program.

It is my hope that the community of archaeologists and researchers in Central Mexico will communicate across national and state boundaries and find some usefulness in this resource.

~ Dr. Destiny Crider

I must thank various funding agencies in support of my dissertation research and as a consequence this online resource.

Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc.

National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant

Sigma-Xi Arizona State University Chapter

School of Human Evolution & Social Change, Arizona State University

Graduate and Professional Student Association, Arizona State University

Special thank you to

Archaeological Research Institute, Directed by Dr. Arleyn Simon for providing server space and web resources,

my dissertation committee: Dr. George L. Cowgill, Dr. Arleyn Simon, and Dr. Barbara Stark.

A special thank you to all of the individuals that have allowed me to access their archaeological collections and photograph items for comparison and to others for contributing additional photos and resource items.


Dr. Destiny Crider, Anthropology Program at Luther College, (email: cridde01@luther.edu) for more information or to propose new resource items.