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Research Projects

Cerro Portezuelo Project - NSF supported joint project between Dr. George L. Cowgill (ASU) and Dr. Deborah L. Nichols (Dartmouth)

Mi Museo Collecion Granada - Online exhibit of Nicaragua Ceramics

Calixtlahuaca Archaeological Project - Dr. Michael E. Smith (ASU)

Various Projects and Publications of Dr. Michael E. Smith (ASU)


The Aztec Occupation at Chiconautla, Mexico - Ananda Cohen, University of Michigan and Christina M. Elson, American Museum of Natural History

Aztec Redware INAA Analysis, Yautepec - Dr. Michael E. Smith and Leah Minc

FAMSI, Inc Grantee Reports

Classic-Period Ceramics from Calixtlahuaca, Toluca - Dr. Michael E. Smith (ASU)