Modified: Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Puebla-Tlaxacala to Morelos
The area to the south and southeast of the Basin of Mexico provides a key corridor for accessing Morelos and Puebla. The important site of Cholula, located in Puebla, may have been the primary capital of an expansionary state that was in competition with Basin states from the Early Classic through Postclassic eras.


Yautepec Survey - Dr. Michael Smith


Cholula Museum Collections - INAH Musem

Early Postclassic Cholula Types - Dr. Geoffrey McCafferty


Tepeaca Regional Survey, Puebla - Dr. J. Heath Anderson

Cerro Zapotecas (near Cholula) Epiclassic - Maria Teresa Salomón Salazar


Tepeticpac Archaeological Project, Tlaxcala -Aurelio López Corral, INAH Tlaxcala,